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ܫܠܡܐ / Shlama[ܫܚܠܦ]

ܐܢܐ ܫܚܠܦܬ ܕܡܘܬܐ ܕܣܪܛܐ ܒܗܢܐ ܦܐܬܐ ܘܠܐ ܝܕܥܢ ܕܛܒ ܚܘܗ ܒܟܠ ܡܦܐܬܢ̈ܐ ܕܐܢܛܪܢܝܛ ܝܢ ܠܐ. ܟܐ ܢܛܪܢ ܠܪܥܝܢܐ ܘܦܘܢܝܐ ܡܢ ܓܝܢܒܟܘܢ. ܬܘܕܝ Man2fly2002 (ܡܡܠܠܐ) 07:14, 31 ܒܐܝܪ 2012 (UTC)Reply[reply]

I have been working to change the way the fonts looks like because it's to small and i have been told people are struggling to read them most of the times so i have tried to change the font in two articles wich is ܐܘܚܕܢܐ ܡܚܝܕܐ and ܠܫܢܐ ܣܘܪܝܝܐ so if it's clear with all the internet explorers that you guys have and every one is happy we can try to make look like this but i wish if someone can find a better way and more easy to do it.

best regards Tawdy Man2fly2002 (ܡܡܠܠܐ) 07:14, 31 ܒܐܝܪ 2012 (UTC)Reply[reply]

I find that what you're changing the font to looks worse for me. Please stop that, you're actually going against rule #4 on the Rules page. Try chaning the font settings on your computer. --334a (ܡܡܠܠܐ) 16:01, 4 ܒܚܙܝܪܢ 2012 (UTC)Reply[reply]

I agree with 334a. Also please keep in mind that not all Syriac readers can actually read all three types of script (Serto, Estrangelo, Madenkhaya). Michaelovic (ܡܡܠܠܐ) 16:13, 4 ܒܚܙܝܪܢ 2012 (UTC)Reply[reply]

I AM SHOCKED. take it easy guys i am working hard to make this looks good and better and maybe one day one of the best wiki's out there but you guys addressing me just like i am rolling this whole project down and i think i haven't changed something without consulting you. Any way i am withdrawing from editing or adding or doing any think from now on. And good luck for you guys. Thank u. --

ܫܠܡܐ Man2fly2002

I understand your concerns with the default Syriac font size. I had the same feeling when I started creating articles. I felt that we have to do something about it (see this example). It was easy to use the < big> tag, but I realized that this tag makes the article font bigger but uglier, so I stopped using it. Unfortunately, the same applies for the templates that you made.

I think we have to wait until the default Syriac font size is set to a bigger size. Meanwhile, it would be a good idea to make a universal template in all Syriac Wikipedia articles that will make changing the font size (and even switching from Estrangelo to either Eastern or Western fonts) accessable (preferably at the top of the page), By doing this we will make it easier for everybody to be able to see this small font while staying within the limits of #4 rule of this Wikipedia (you will be the guy that could work on that idea should you like it).

Finally, this Wikipedia is for everybody. I guess you dedicated much of your time trying to improve it, as everybody is trying to do here. I hope you will continue supporting this Wikipedia. Just let's try to consult each other when making big changes, as you did earlier, and let's keep those changes within the rules of this Wikipedia. Tawdee sagi akhon. --Basharh (ܡܡܠܠܐ) 03:06, 5 ܒܚܙܝܪܢ 2012 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Please realise that we appreciate your hard work. We know that your intentions are good. But all contributors, even the admins, have to stick to the rules. In the end, it is for the best, because many readers have different browsers, different resolution, different inch screens and different settings.

The template you've made (ܩܠܒܐ:ܣܪܛܐ) can be very useful for quotes for example, so your work isn't useless. As you can see, your help is more than welcome. --Michaelovic (ܡܡܠܠܐ) 21:54, 5 ܒܚܙܝܪܢ 2012 (UTC)Reply[reply]

@Man2fly2002/Anonymous user,

" . . . i wish if someone can find a better way and more easy to do it." --Man2fly2002

--> There is a better way and I told you how to do it: change the font settings on your computer. Ask the community if you don't know how to do that; we'll be glad to help you. Basharh also had a great idea about the universal template at the top of the page.

-" . . . i think i haven't changed something without consulting you" --Anonymous

--> It's always okay to change something relatively minor without consulting anybody, but it is not okay to refuse to change your opinion when others note that your change has a detrimental effect. I mentioned that the font looks worse for me and Michaelovic mentioned that not everyone can read Estrangela. On another topic, we were wondering why you were creating 365 picture-of-the-day templates (one for every day of the year) when we already have a single template doing the job much more efficiently. Are you just going to ignore our concerns? Are our voices not as valid as yours?

Links to the Rules/Customs page, in addition to being on the main page, were given to you at least twice on your talk page (once by Michaelovic in the first section, another time by myself in the currently last section). It's written in three languages, all of which you seem to be fluent in. It, so far, only has six rules; very short and simple compared to the style guides on other wiki projects. They were written way before you even started contributing. There is no excuse for not having read them or for breaking them.

You're taking constructive criticism, which is an integral part of Wikipedia, personally. Like the other users have commented, I appreciate your efforts (we sorely need them), but bouncing ideas off of each other and telling others when something has a negative effect is part and parcel of this community. I do the same for everyone else and everyone else does the same for me. It makes this project better. If you don't understand that, then you don't understand Wikipedia. Or teamwork.

You speak a beautiful and rare and dying/dead language whose Wikipedia desperately needs more contributors. The number of active users on this wiki can be counted on one hand. Don't quit just because you've put it in your mind that you can't work with the other fingers. --334a (ܡܡܠܠܐ) 00:42, 15 ܒܚܙܝܪܢ 2012 (UTC)Reply[reply]