ܡܢ ܘܝܩܝܦܕܝܐ، ܐܝܢܣܩܠܘܦܕܝܐ ܚܐܪܬܐ
AWB sample screen shot.

AutoWikiBrowser, sometimes abbreviated to AWB, is a semi-automated MediaWiki editor for Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7 (AWB also functions reasonably well under Wine on Linux but this is not officially supported) designed to make tedious repetitive tasks quicker and easier. It is essentially a browser that automatically opens up a new page when the last is saved. When set to do so, it suggests some changes (typically formatting) that are generally meant to be incidental to the main change.

At present, AutoWikiBrowser can create a list of pages from single or multiple categories, "what links here", the wiki links on a page, a text file, a Google search, a user's watchlist, or a user's contributions.

AWB also comes with an integrated program to scan Wikipedia database dumps. The edit box of AutoWikiBrowser supports the Microsoft Text Services Framework for use with speech recognition/handwriting applications.

The sources are available under the GPL (see Getting the sources below). It is written in C# using Microsoft Visual C# Express Edition/Visual Studio, available at Microsoft downloads. There is an AWB IRC channel at irc.freenode.net — #AutoWikiBrowser.

Examples of AWB-assisted work are noted on the projects page, which also lists projects that currently need AWB help.

Rules of use[ܫܚܠܦ]

  1. Check every edit before you save it. Make sure you understand the text and have NOT changed the meaning.
  2. Don't edit too quickly; the changes in making mistakes increases when you edit too quickly.
  3. Don't do anything controversial with it. If there is a chance that the edits you are considering might be controversial, consider soliciting comment at someones talkpage before proceeding.
  4. Avoid making insignificant or inconsequential edits such as only adding or removing some white space, moving a stub tag, converting some HTML to Unicode, removing underscores from links (unless they are bad links), bypassing a redirect, or something equally trivial. This is because it wastes resources and clogs up watch lists.
  5. Abide by all Wikipedia guidelines, policies and common practices.

For more and full information how to use AWB, please go to the English Wikipedia.