ܘܝܩܝܦܕܝܐ:ܥܘܕܪܢܐ ܒܟܬܝܒܬܐ ܣܘܪܝܝܬܐ

ܡܢ ܘܝܩܝܦܕܝܐ، ܐܝܢܣܩܠܘܦܕܝܐ ܚܐܪܬܐ

This page explains how to view and edit the Syriac script used on this Wikipedia.


Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000[ܫܚܠܦ]

These operating systems have no official support for Syriac script. Upgrading to Internet Explorer 6 and downloading Syriac fonts (see the #fonts section) should allow you to view Syriac, but you will be unable to write in Syriac.

Windows XP[ܫܚܠܦ]

This OS supports Syriac, but it must be enabled manually.


Open the Control Panel, then go to Regional Options, open the Languages tab and check Enable support for complex scripts and right-to-left scripts (including Thai). This automatically installs the Estrangelo Edessa font which can be used to view Syriac, but you're free to install additional fonts (ex. for other styles) from the #fonts section.


Once you've followed the above steps, you'll also be able to input text in Syriac. You can either use the toolbar on the bottom of the edit page (requires JavaScript) or go back to Regional Options, open the Input Locales Window, click on Add..., and select Syriac. You'll be able to choose between a standard 101 keyboard or a phonetic keyboard.

Windows Vista[ܫܚܠܦ]

Windows Vista comes with Syriac support by default. You can add a Syriac keyboard layout by following the steps in the above section, or install additional fonts from the #fonts section.

Note that Windows Vista includes Estrangelo Edessa, which is also included in the Meltho Fonts package from the #fonts section. Vista's version, however, is an updated version, so be sure not to overwrite it with the older version.


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Browser settings[ܫܚܠܦ]

Because Syriac has three different styles of writing, it is important to know how to select a specific font.

Internet Explorer[ܫܚܠܦ]

Open Internet Options, then press the Fonts button, select Syriac from the drop-down box and choose your font of choice. Note that Internet Explorer has serious problems detecting fonts, and so your favorite font might not be listed.

Mozilla Firefox[ܫܚܠܦ]

Mozilla Firefox does not allow you to specify a font for Syriac as of version


Open the options tab by clicking on Extras -> Settings (or pressing Ctrl+F12), open the Advanced tab, click on Fonts on the left bar, press the International Fonts button, select Syriac from the drop-down box and choose your font of choice.