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ܡܢ ܘܝܩܝܦܕܝܐ، ܐܝܢܣܩܠܘܦܕܝܐ ܚܐܪܬܐ

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Current Administrators[ܫܚܠܦ]

  1. 334a
  2. A2raya07
  3. Basharh
  4. Michaelovic
  5. Steve Caruso

User lists[ܫܚܠܦ]

  1. users:
    1. new users
    2. MediaWiki default T *
    3. Template namespace initialisation script T *
  2. sysops:
  3. bureaucrats:
  4. bots:
    1. RCBot T *

Requests for additional user rights[ܫܚܠܦ]

Currently, no bureaucrats exist on the Aramaic Wikipedia to grant additional user rights. Please direct any requests to meta:Steward requests/Permissions.

Administrator access is granted to known and trusted members of the community who are familiar with the policies of Wikipedia. Administrator access is not meant to imply editorial authority on the project.

An administrator is simply a trusted user that can:

  • protect and unprotect pages
  • delete and undelete pages
  • delete images and other uploaded files
  • block and unblock users
  • edit the interface and other protected pages.

You can request adminship if you meet the following criteria:

  • You are not completely new to Wikimedia projects. You have been an editor for at least 2 months and you understand and agree with the goals of the project.
  • You have a user page on this Wikipedia and are a contributor here.
  • You agree to follow relevant policies and respect consensus of the users.
  • You have made at least 100 helpful edits on Aramaic Wikipedia.
  • There is a consensus amongst users here that you would be a suitable administrator.

As with the policy for administrator access on Meta, inactive administrators may have their access removed.


Hello! I am asking for permission to be admin at the Assyrian Neo-Aramaic Wikipedia. --Basharh 02:18, 3 ܐܕܪ 2009 (UTC)


  1. Because this wiki needs more than one active admin :) --334a 22:54, 4 ܐܕܪ 2009 (UTC)
  2. I agree--Watwat 16:46, 5 ܐܕܪ 2009 (UTC)
  3. I support and would be glad to know if it is possible for me to join in as well?--Assyria 90 19:38, 15 ܐܕܪ 2009 (UTC)
  4. User:Basharh is an Active Contributor on Aramaic Wikipedia. This demonstrates his excellent skills and ability to contribute in his native tongue. I believe he has the competency, knowledge and expertise to become a successful Administrator in the near future. --Jose77 22:42, 11 ܐܝܪ 2009 (UTC)


Questions for the candidate[ܫܚܠܦ]

Dear candidate, thank you for offering to serve Wikipedia as an administrator. You may wish to answer the following optional questions to provide guidance for participants:

1. Why do you want to become administrator ?

to help the other administrators in improving this project and to cooperate with them to implement some new ideas that i have.

2. What do you think qualifies you to take this responsible position ?

my committment to the great Aramaic/Syriac language and to this great project 'Wikipedia'.

3. What admin work do you intend to take part in?

basically every part that help improving this page.

4. What are your best contributions to Wikipedia, and why?

i have some good contributions but i do not think i did my best yet!

Basharh 17:14, 4 ܐܕܪ 2009 (UTC)


Hello! I ask for permission to run my interwiki bot Byrialbot at here at the Assyrian Neo-Aramaic Wikipedia, and to get a bot flag for it so it will not fill the ܕܝܠܢܝܐ:recentchanges page.

  • Botmaster: ܡܦܠܚܢܐ:Byrial
  • Botmaster's home project: da:User:Byrial
  • List of botflags on others wikipedias: als:, ar:, bat-smg:, bn:, bs:, bpy:, ca:, ceb:, cs:, da:, de:, en:, eo:, et:, fo:, fr:, fy:, he:, hu:, id:, io:, is:, it:, ka:, ksh:, lb:, li:, lt:, lv:, mk:, ms:, nds:, nds-nl:, nl:, nn:, no:, pms:, pt:, ru:, simple:, sk:, sl:, sr:, sv:, ta:, th:, uk:, vo:
  • Purpose: Interwiki
  • Technical details: Interwiki using Pywikipediabot starting from da:, nn:, no: and sv:. It mostly runs manually assisted and I try to solve found interwiki conflicts when I can.

It is not running yet. Please tell if you like to see any test edits first. Thank you! Byrial 13:33, 27 June 2007 (UTC)

Certainly, go for it! But we unfortunately at this time lack Bureaucrats who can set the bot flag, so you will have to request that over at Meta. -- -ܐܡܪ ܠܝ- Steve Caruso -- 04:36, 3 July 2007 (UTC)
It is now flagged. Thank you for yuor support. Byrial 10:58, 5 July 2007 (UTC)

Bot status for PipepBot[ܫܚܠܦ]

Hello! I ask for permission to run my interwiki bot PipepBot here, and to get a bot flag for it.

  • Operator: it:User:Pipep
  • Purpose: Interwiki
  • Software: Pywikipedia
  • Have bot flag at: als, am, an, ar, az, bat-smg, be-x-old, bn, bs, ca, ceb, cs, cv, da, en, eo, et, fo, fy, ga, hr, id, is, ksh, la, lv, nap, nn, no, pms, simple, sl, sv, th, uk
  • Details: Interwiki using Pywikipediabot. It mostly runs manually assisted. May run automatically in some cases.

It will soon begin to do test edits. Thank you! --it:User:Pipep 18:05, 7 ܐܒ 2007 (UTC)

PipepBot has now bot status. Thank you. it:User:Pipep 19:20, 22 ܐܒ 2007 (UTC)

Bot bit request SieBot[ܫܚܠܦ]

Please give a bot bit to SieBot, so it will not flood your RC as it adds interwiki links using pywikipedia's interwiki.py. SieBot is active on about 160 Wikipedias. See the user page of the bot for more details, or check a complete overview of its activities here. Cheers! Siebrand (talk) 08:28, 17 ܐܒ 2007 (UTC)

Done. Pathoschild 04:33, 3 September 2007 (UTC)


Hi, i request a bot bit for BotMultichill.

  • Botmaster : Multichill
  • Bot's name : BotMultichill
  • List of botflags on others wikipedias: about 100+ atm (see meta:User:Multichill for the current list)
  • Purpose: Interwiki (pywikipedia)
  • Technical details : BotMultichill is an interwiki bot starting at the Dutch wikipedia. The bot uses the pywikipedia framework and runs day and night in autonomous mode. Sometimes the bot will run in manual assisted mode to solve interwiki conflicts. Multichill 08:01, 5 September 2007 (UTC)
Already flagged. —Pathoschild 06:11:33, 03 ܐܕܪ 2009 (UTC)


Hi, i request a bot flag for AlleborgoBot

  • Operator: Alleborgo
  • Automatic or Manually Assisted: Automatic, in "-autonomous" mode. Sometimes the bot will run in manual assisted mode to solve interwiki conflicts.
  • Programming Language(s): Pywikipedia framework daily updated to the last SVN version
  • Function Summary: interwiki
  • Already has a bot flag in: ar, am, an, ast, az, bar, bat-smg, bg, br, bn, bpy, bs, ca, ceb, cs, cv, da, de, el, en, eo, es, et, eu, fa, fi, fiu-vro, fr, frp, fy, ga, gl, he, hr, hsb, ht, hu, hy, id, is, it, iu, ja, jv, ka, kk, ksh, ku, lb, li, lmo, ln, lt, lv, mk, mi, ml, mr, ms, mt, nap, nds, nds-nl, nl, nn, no, pl, pms, ps, pt, ro, roa-tara, ru, sco, sh, sk, simple, sl, sq, sr, su, sv, ta, tg, th, to, tr, tt, uk, ur, vec, vi, vls, vo, zh, zh-classical, zh-min-nan, zh-yue. On it.wiki has done more than 65000 edit.

Thanks --AlleborgoBot 14:44, 2 November 2007 (UTC)

Already flagged. —Pathoschild 06:12:14, 03 ܐܕܪ 2009 (UTC)

Request bot flag for Alexbot[ܫܚܠܦ]

I request the bot flag for Alexbot:

Programming Language:Pywikipedia SVN
Functions:Interwiki(+autonomous), double redirect fix, featured article interwiki link.
Other languages:All statistics in here

Thank you--Alexsh 10:42, 27 ܫܒܛ 2008 (UTC)

Already flagged. —Pathoschild 06:14:00, 03 ܐܕܪ 2009 (UTC)

Bot Status for Purbo T[ܫܚܠܦ]

Hi, I'd like to request a bot flag for Purbo_T (contribs)

Thank you! --Purodha Blissenbach 22:49, 14 ܫܒܛ 2008 (UTC)

Already flagged. —Pathoschild 06:14:39, 03 ܐܕܪ 2009 (UTC)

Bot Status for Ptbotgourou[ܫܚܠܦ]

Hi, I'd like to request a bot flag for Ptbotgourou (contribs)

--Gdgourou 13:27, 26 ܐܝܠܘܠ 2008 (UTC)

Not done, global bot policy implemented on this wiki. —Pathoschild 06:15:22, 03 ܐܕܪ 2009 (UTC)


  1. Oppose --Budelberger 22:39, 21 ܬܫܪܝܢ ܩܕܝܡ 2008 (UTC) ().


Dear all, this is to request a bot flag for Synthebot. Its technical information is summarized below.

  • Operator: Julian Mendez
  • Automatic or Manually Assisted: mostly automatic in autonomous mode; sometimes manually assisted to solve interwiki conflicts
  • Programming Language(s): pywikipedia (source code)
  • Function Summary: interwiki links
  • Already has a bot flag on: global bot running on more than 200 wikipedias.

Further technical information is available on its main page. Thank you in advance. Regards, --Julian 17:47, 10 ܟܢܘܢ ܩܕܝܡ 2008 (UTC)

Not done, global bot policy implemented on this wiki. —Pathoschild 06:16:25, 03 ܐܕܪ 2009 (UTC)


  • Operator  : Hedwig in Washington
  • Automatic or Manually Assisted : automatic
  • Programming Language(s)  : Python (pywikipedia), daily update
  • Function Summary  : Interwiki, Internationalization by removing chaos in Babel so it can be used properly and easy. Double redirects will be added shortly
  • Already has a bot flag (Y/N)  : Yes, DE, EN, AR, NN and LB, others pending see here
  • Function Details  : just using the standard interwiki.py; parameters: -auto -all - log -catr
Not done. Currently, no bureaucrats exist on the Aramaic Wikipedia to grant additional user rights. Please direct any requests to meta:Steward requests/Permissions. Michaelovic (ܡܡܠܠܐ) 08:57, 2 ܒܐܝܠܘܠ 2011 (UTC)[reply]
Will do! Need 100 edits first. Thanks! --Hedwig in Washington (ܡܡܠܠܐ) 00:42, 14 ܒܐܝܠܘܠ 2011 (UTC)[reply]


please implement Directional editing control script from commons[ܫܚܠܦ]

Dear friends; commons:Special:Gadgets and meta:Special:Gadgets contain both the ܡܝܕܝܐܘܝܩܝ:Gadget-BiDiEditing.js and ܡܝܕܝܐܘܝܩܝ:Gadget-ShortLink.js.

Please copy

  1. commons:MediaWiki:Gadget-BiDiEditing to ܡܝܕܝܐܘܝܩܝ:Gadget-BiDiEditing
  2. commons:MediaWiki:Gadget-BiDiEditing.js to ܡܝܕܝܐܘܝܩܝ:Gadget-BiDiEditing.js
  3. commons:MediaWiki:Gadget-ShortLink ܡܝܕܝܐܘܝܩܝ:Gadget-ShortLink
  4. commons:MediaWiki:Gadget-ShortLink.js to ܡܝܕܝܐܘܝܩܝ:Gadget-ShortLink.js
  5. commons:MediaWiki:Gadget-section-LanguageSupport to ܡܝܕܝܐܘܝܩܝ:Gadget-section-LanguageSupport

Please add the folowing lines to ܡܝܕܝܐܘܝܩܝ:Gadgets-definition

* BiDiEditing|BiDiEditing.js
* ShortLink|ShortLink.js

Thanks for all your efforts in advance! Best regards ܡܦܠܚܢܐ:Gangleri
‫·‏לערי ריינהארט‏·‏T‏·‏m‏:‏Th‏·‏T‏·‏email me‏·‏‬ 12:16, 16 ܫܒܛ 2008 (UTC)

Bot policy[ܫܚܠܦ]

Hello. To facilitate steward granting of bot access, I suggest implementing the standard bot policy on this wiki. In particular, this policy allows stewards to automatically flag known interlanguage linking bots (if this page says that is acceptable), which form the vast majority of such requests. The policy also enables global bots on this wiki (if this page says that is acceptable), which are trusted bots that will be given bot access on every wiki that allows global bots.

This policy makes bot access requesting much easier for local users, operators, and stewards. To implement it we only need to create a redirect to this page from ܘܝܩܝܦܕܝܐ:Bot policy, and add a line at the top noting that it is used here. Please read the text at m:Bot policy before commenting. If you object, please say so; I hope to implement in one week if there is no objection, since it is particularly written to streamline bot requests on wikis with little or no community interested in bot access requests. --Luckas Blade 15:14, 22 ܫܒܛ 2009 (UTC)

Done. —Pathoschild 22:43:04, 02 ܐܕܪ 2009 (UTC)